Bonsai Zelkova Small

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Bonsai Zelkova

Every Bonsai is different and may differ slightly from the photo. Every Bonsai has its own beauty.

Height including pot: approximately 25/30 cm
Pot size: 15 x 10 x 6 cm
Age: about 6-8 years
Origin: China

This Bonsai Zelkova is suitable for the living room in a sunny place and can stand outside.
Bonsai Zelkova is resistant to heat and sun. This Bonsai Zelkova does not tolerate temperatures below 0°C.

A Bonsai should never dry out, it is wise to water the Bonsai every other day. After pouring, it can be dipped 1 to 2 times a week, this prevents dehydration along the edges of the pot. Please note that dipping depends on the heat and location. The soil of a Bonsai should always feel slightly moist.

When a Bonsai starts to grow, it can be pruned so that you keep the compact branches. If a bonsai develops a spur, cut it back so that two of the new leaves remain on the branch. Indoor Bonsai can be pruned year round.

When moved, a Bonsai can react to its new location, it can happen that it drops its leaves. There are species that can go almost completely bald. In this case, continue to care for the tree normally.

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